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  80 % of the women suffer from cold feet and not only during winter! The temperature of your toes can go down to 46F!

  The integrated thermostat is activated with start up. In case of less than 88F the heating is automatically activated, at 106F it turns off automatically.
  Did you know?
  Cold feet can be dangerous. According to a Study of the Cardiff University in Wales the relation between cold feet and catching a cold is proven.

This problem can be solved with scientifically formed heating soles like the Thermo Soles that adapt the temperature to the feet automatically.

Read the medical expertise from Dr. med Zrim from L.A. about this topic. 

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by the way...
This winter, you should do your hands a favour.

Even on the coldest winter days, keep your hands warm with the
Thermo Gloves,
the first wireless and rechargeable heated gloves worldwide
that even fit underneath your other gloves.

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  • never again cold feet
  • fits in any shoe
  • extremly flat soles
  • no interfering cables
  • integrated high-performance battery
  • ergonomically shaped sole
  • built in temperature sensor for optimal foot climate



Now the Thermo Soles are available at a price of $99.00 ($129.00), you save $30.00.

This winter, do your feet a favor. Keep them warm even on the coldest winter day with Thermo Soles, the world's first wire-free rechargeable heated insoles.
Thermo Soles provide radiant warmth and excellent cushion for ultimate winter-time comfort. Plug in the Thermo Soles, and they do more than simply heat up. Thermo Soles are engineered with integrated thermostats to detect your foot's actual temperature and adjust accordingly, giving you just the right amount of warmth, right when you need it.
And that warmth sticks with you better than a bowl of Grandma's oatmeal, as the heat-preserving synthetic material and insulating fabric lining keep that warmth for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Slip into winter with warm feet, while also enjoying the benefits of a shock-absorbing, ergonomically shaped Polyurethane bottom to keep your feet comfortable too.
Thermo Soles come with Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, the charging adapter and a handy storage case.
Thermo Soles are perfect for use with:
–  ski boots
–  work boots
–  outdoor footwear
Don't spend one more winter with cold, uncomfortable feet. Step into warmth with your perfect sole mate, Thermo Soles.

The Thermo Soles are only 0,24 lb easy and flexible. Thermo Soles are extremely flat, 0,12 inch front and rear 0,47 inch thick.

Now the Thermo Soles are available at a price of $99.00 ($129.00), you save $30.00.



Incidentally: Recently the famous Olympic medallist Georg Hackl (3 x Gold, 2 x Silver in the One-Man Tobogganing event) has begun using our Thermo Soles on a daily basis and he's very impressed indeed!

In addition to the normal Thermo Soles we also offer Thermo Soles 3-D with remote control – our top model for many years.
They’ve been developed especially for skiers, snowboarders, X-Country skiers, ice skaters, bikers and all other sports enthusiasts, who prefer an anatomically shaped 3-D-insole with added cushion and support for your feet.
These soles also possess a remote control to turn the heat on and off. This is especially interesting for everybody wanting to spare the battery for example during the drive in the ski lift or the break in the “ski hut” and thus have a longer individual heating period. In addition, the new Thermo Soles 3-D with remote control can be set to a heat of either 38 degrees C or 44 degrees C, and are thus specifically adequate for those that have especially cold feet.

Thermo Soles   Thermo Soles 3D with remote control
Thernosoles   Thermo Soles 3D Funkmodell


The difference between the standard Thermo Soles and Thermo Soles 3-D with remote control is, that Thermo Soles have a flat insole, intended for all shoes and that Thermo-Soles 3-D with remote control have an anatomically shaped 3-D insole for added cushion and support and a remote control to turn the heat on and off.

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